Tuesday, May 01, 2007

I freaked Super Girl out.

So this last weekend I went to the Calgary Comic and Entertainment con. I'd never been, and was really impressed. There were lots of people and it was really well organized. I had a few prints to sell and lots of promo stuff on The Fire Gods of Venus. It was kind of a 'pre-pimping' the book. It was an excellent change to talk to a lot of people and give out a lot of promo cards. I did learn a couple of things. Saying that The Fire Gods of Venus was 'kinda like John Carter of Mars meets the Doors' means squat to anyone under 30. So my catch phrase of the book as 'A Psychedelic, Post Modern, Interplanetary Adventure' means about the same. Granted, I really like that phrase, and perhaps combined with an actual book description, it might work.

I can't believe I didn't have one, but I wasn't really ready to write the back of the book blurb. But a lot of people asked, 'what's it about ?' So this is what I came up with.

"In 1911, a fallen space ship changed George Birmingham’s world forever. Journeying to Venus, the world of giant alien warriors and ferocious creatures, he battles across the fiery wilds of Venus to discover the truth about himself and the mysterious Fire Gods of Venus."

So what about Super Girl ? Well I was heading off for a coffee once our table was set up. I passed by the large doors through which the thundering hordes would enter, and heard a countdown - and wild roar as the door was thrown open. Super heros, storm troopers, multiple Darth Maul's ( Ray Park was there ) and goolies of Goth creatures flooded the floor. I fled.

Once I had my coffee a had settled at our table, we could enjoy the parade. Super Girl was an early passerby, at something like 6' how could we not take note of her ? I might have been the first to take her picture, but I'm sure I wasn't the last.


Tracy said...

So Jeff,

How was the response to the book??????? Was it as good as your reaction to supergirl???

We are getting ready for GENCON Indy in August.......maybe we will see ya there.


Venusian said...

Book response was great, very enthusiastic. Interesting, many were concerned that it was open ended. " It's not a series is it ?"

And I could say, no it stands on it's own. I could do more in the future, I was thinking of hippies on mars....

I want to make a couple costumes and film a sword fight in the badlands. One of Paijoma and one of the Blaze guards, then take all of that to a con. The little sculpted Paijoma recieved lots of attention, seperate of the art. I think this will do well at these kinds of shows.

On the flip - all of my prints were Burroughs Mars, and didnt sell a one, despite many comments. That fits with the younger crowd not knowing the character.

Tracy said...

Sorry to hear about the prints.........makesm worry for August......we are doing prints this year for the first time.......oh well.

Venusian said...

I wouldn't get to worried about it. I was beside the comic gods. Some con's you sell and some you don't. Just make sure your wife is there to charm 'em.

Tracy said...

I'm sellin art dude!!!!!!!Roflmao

She will be with me and making me keep my mouth shut so folks will wanna stop by.

Charles Gramlich said...

Glad to hear reception for the soon to be released book was great. I think there's still a lot of people interested in Sword and Planet fiction but they aren't a collected buying block and so get overlooked. My books have sold fairly well but the word has not gotten out as broadly as I'd like.

Btw, I added your link to my blog, and I'll be back to check out more posts.