Tuesday, October 17, 2006

There is no way I'm going to blog everyday, but since I just started this and I have some new art, I thought I'd get it up here. This morning's offering is set in the wilds of venus. The geography of Venus is characterized by lush tropical plateaus (which are the populated zones ), surrounded by the low rocky deserts of the Jora Zi, a hostile environment that is visited, not populated, by those of the plateaus.

The dwellers of the Jora Zi are creatures of tale and myth, the Zadiya. Those that venture into the Jora Zi will attest to the presence of what they call Zadiya towers, or Draw towers. Draw towers collect vital energy from the local environment, which is then pulsed west through conduits to the processing plant at the base of the Fanged Mountains.

Okay, enough freaky explanations. I had a blast creating the tower, and ramping up it's psychedelic factor. More freakiness to come. - Jeff

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