Thursday, March 22, 2007

Told ya I wasn't going to post regularly. But now I have something new. It was time to nail down the appearance of my Venusians, the Paijoma, and to do a sculpt of one. The painted version shows flares/fins on the lower face which did not end up on the final sculpt. That didn't surprise me much as the sculpt was intended as further refinement of the design.

A couple elements of note - the back shapes are part of it's respiration apparatus and the black eyes rotate on the stalks as if magnetically attached. The somewhat artificial design of the skin is part of my choice to not use typical terrestrial textures on the Venusian creatures.

The sculpting material was Super Sculpty Firm, which gives a lovely surface. The acrylic on top goes down with a rather pearlescent sheen. The really shiny parts are FW Pearlescent.

Other news, I have just complete the 3rd complete rewrite, some parts have many more the 3 rewrites, and expect once my readers are finished with it to have the final draft. Party down dudes.


C. Barnard said...

Nice work, Jeff! Isn't it amazing how much a design can change and get refined when you start sculpting it? Your Poijoma is looking really unique and cool.

Venusian said...

Thanks man. I'm glad you saw this. Your Thark was a kick that got me past talking about it - Jeff