Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Okay, I always knew that I wanted to rework this. The guy was good, but didn't stand up on image 40 " tall. And the logo needed to be reworked. This version not only has a new logo and such, but COOL iridescent colors around George and the psychedelic googlies. This is intended for trade show attention ( but did scan fine ) so it's kind of fun how the image suddenly glows from certain angles.

Later on a little more work will go into updating the alien to the latest design and around the swordsman. But I've got other stuff do now, I'm kind of late. - Jeff

PS - I'm sort of thinking of this project now as John Carter meets the Doors. I probably shouldn't....


Phil N. said...

I'm greatly impressed with your dedication to this project. Believe me, I know how this kind of thing can take over your life. . .

Your designs are looking great on the logo and the borders. I love the tats or body paint, whatever it is. You don't have a caption that says which of the covers is the first and which is the rework. I'm assuming that the one on the right is the new one. The figure of George and the book title/logo is much better on the right. You have a great grasp of the Psychedelic/Art Nouveau style, too.

IMHO the grouping on the bottom left still needs some work -- I know it's hard to get a feeling of dominance there. But from a distance it looks like the princess' head is part of the critter below. Maybe think about making her head larger and faded into the bg. Something to help it pass the "squint" test. . .yeah, yeah, easy for ME to say ;-)

Anyway, stick with it. Your design for the Paijoma looks nicely alien. Are you thinking of doing any 3D capture with that?

I'm still looking forward to seeing a bit of the actual text of the book at some point.

All the best.

Venusian said...

Thanks Phil - you're right about which is old and which is new. The lower part of the image will get more work, but I didn't want to get into it before the convention.

The Paijoma have been a long haul. I'm consider an Paijoma costueme for a 'trailer' clip for the book, perhaps a sword fight.

I have had some interest from venues that do 3D, so we'll what happens. - Jeff