Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Morning Star - the human village on Venus. Yup, a little heritage style town, and no I'm not going go say why. To the right is one of the largest buildings in Morning Star, the Hunter's Hall. Sort of a ranch house. The shield shape hanging off the balcony is the skull of a Curvim, the beastie that the Hunter's hunt.

The buildings of Morning Star are built in as familiar a form as possible to create a familiar homey environment. The major exception to this being the roofing material, a shell like form that protects from fiery Draf Falls.


Tracy said...


Love the Hunters Hall! Looks like something out of Africa from the 18th century..........I can see Alan Quarterman walking out and shooting someone.

The chase scene I still want to own........maybe a print?

Great stuff


Venusian said...

I think that's pretty possible... I'm looking at doing a 'clean up' paint of it. How about I make sure I have really good scan of it before I do that, if this version is your preferance. Frank is such a bad influence.

Charles Gramlich said...

I love the action here. Very nice.