Friday, May 16, 2008

How frakin’ cool is this ?
I love Hellboy. I sort of read a few of the comics before the first movie. Then I saw the movie on a wonderful sneak peak birthday bash thing. Fabulous flick. Now this. More Hellboy, and cooler posters. The best poster wasn’t used for the first flick ( Drew Struzan ).

The suits only like photo posters these days. But this new one crosses the line between the design of illustration and still being fotergraphic.


Charles Gramlich said...

I saw the first one but not the second one yet. I liked the first one, but I wasn't that enamored of the comic. I do like the actor who plays Hellboy.

Venusian said...

I don't know what that was - fixed now. Back to Frakin' cool.

I loved the movie. I read the comic in collections from the library. I wouldn't have spent the money in the store for them.

I could see the film was really pulled from the source though, which is a good thing.