Thursday, April 10, 2008

I'm posting a lot about other peoples projects - like the John Carter of Mars movie - but I am slaving on The Fire Gods of Venus ! Painting painting painting ! And now posting a not quiet finished painting. How weird is that ?

I do this sometimes, scan something almost done to play and see what I think it might need to make it just so. This the main character, George Birmingham leaping from (an unseen ) balcony onto a passing ship.

I think I'll leave it be at the moment and go onto the next one. Usually I'll see later just what, if any, changes it needs other that a finish polish. - Jeff


Charles Gramlich said...

Great action here. This reminds me a bit of the cover of Masks of Scorpio where Dray Prescot is leaping from one ship to another with a sword to hand. That was drawn by Richard Hescox.

I like the way you capture the action, which is the great strength of these types of stories.

Charles Gramlich said...

Hum, I had tried to post on this one but something must have gone wrong. I really liked the movement here. Beautiful fluid action through space.

It reminded me a bit of a cover from one of the Dray Prescot books by Richard Hescox.

Tracy said...


that is one heckuva great painting! love the action and comp!


Venusian said...

Thanks guys - I hope you're not let down by the changes to it.