Friday, June 06, 2008

From PIXAR BLOG Exclusive: Andrew Stanton confirms John Carter of Mars [Complete post]

Andrew Stanton personally confirmed for me and others attending today's roundtable discussion in Toronto that he is currently writing John Carter of Mars for Pixar.

The disclosure came at the end of the short, but extremely enjoyable, discussion (excerpts of which will be published here soon), when a writer from asked about Stanton's next project, to which Stanton mentioned (not too loudly) 'John Carter of Mars'.

Doubting what I'm hearing, I interject, "What is that?" "John Carter of Mars, Stanton replies." "You're confirming John Carter? Are you serious?" At this point, I turn my tape recorder back on, "...say that on tape!", I tell him. Stanton: "I am writing John Carter of Mars right now." "Oh man, you just doubled my page views!", I say. Everybody laughs.

(I'm currently looking for a way to transfer the poor-quality audio from the microcassette tape into my computer, for uploading here.)

No details on the film just yet, but somehow the fact that Stanton is writing has quelled most of my doubts about the till-now rumoured project.
Some bragging here: Stanton told me at the event that he reads The Pixar Blog often. He also reads Upcoming Pixar, and is wondering as to why Luxo hasn't posted in a while :)

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Charles Gramlich said...

Now that's some news I can sink my tusks into. Hurray.