Thursday, June 19, 2008

Skribble Art ! I was talking someone that I'm doing some collaborative work with and I skribbled of this image of John Cater of Mars on my wacom tablet. I use my tablet all the time, but I hadn't sketched with it much. I really liked what I got. I think it capture more of the marks that are usually faint with a pencil. It was kinda cool.
So when I started working on some new designs for The Fire Gods of Venus, I thought I'd use the same tool. That would be an opaque acrylic brush, and very flat, no painty dry brushing, which is how I usually work .

I have been inclining towards NOT doing much tonal blending but choosing the right color and tone and putting that down, that makes much more decisive, no hedging. This new piece is of the Venusian Golgarath or something, and no, it doesn't look like my other Fire Gods work. The Venus one differs from the Mars one in that it is from a pencil sketch, at the moment I like the lines of the Mars one more.

In the story there is a 1933 radio play called The Fire Gods of Venus, which factors greatly in George's experience of venus. These designs are heavy on the quick, hackneyed and early pulp flavor, because that is their real source. I don't think everything I do for this portion,The Fire Gods of Venus: The Radio Play will be quite so cartoony in presentation, but it helps me get my head around the subject matter. - Jeff

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Charles Gramlich said...

I really like the second one. I've never been a huge fan of just individual studies. I like the action and implied threat in the second one. Lovely maiden as well.