Friday, April 18, 2008

First off - to those who were trying to post, my apologies. I had to switch things over for moderation because of a spam issue. Secondly - Thanks ! Oddly I'm a little ambivalent about the image have actually added to it. In the story George leaps from a balcony to a passing ship. I felt the image was missing something, so I've added depth with the foreground characters. Both exist on my Mac as high res scans, so we'll see which one really goes in the text. - Jeff


Charles Gramlich said...

It's your painting of course and both versions are cool. To me, the one with the other guys with guns makes it look more like 20th century military action than the sword and planet feel I got from the first one. They're well drawn, but the helmet and the weapons themselves tend to bring me back down to "earth" a bit. Just my two cents. Either way the sketches reveal fine talent.

Venusian said...

2 cents are always welcome. The scene is strait from the text, but I don't the image will even be used. It just never came together. I didn't spend enough time beating on it at the study stage. These days I often put more hours into the study than the canvas - Jeff